Hello everyone,

It’s been one week since radio-surgery, and today is a good day. It was terrifying and horrible, but it’s done! The scariest part was definitely the attaching of the frame (which they call a halo). I cried the whole way through. The doctors offered encouragement, and Mitchell held my hand. I’m not going to go into detail here, but it was the scariest thing I’ve had to do. That part of the day lasted about 15 minutes. Then we had a long wait, and then radiation took about 80 minutes. The radiation part was painless and fine. Then they removed the halo, which was also scary, but quick. They kept me in the hospital for observation for about an hour, and gave me pain medication and steroids (to control the swelling in my head), and then I got to go home.

Today, I am feeling good. I am so happy to have this behind me, and to have the good results from the scans. The extreme fear has dissipated into extreme relief and gratitude (although the fear lingers too). I have two visible, little marks on my forehead from where the pins were put in. They look a little like intense bee stings, but they should heal quickly and hopefully will not leave any traces behind. I am still on a lot of medication, and will continue to be so for about two months or so. And it is likely that I will be on anti-seizure medication for the rest of my life (boo! for daily medication forever, but yay! for decreased risk of seizures!). My face is still swollen and I would love to get a proper haircut. Now, I’m hoping to focus on rest and health – healthy eating, exercise, and time with family and friends. Thank you, everyone, for everything. Today is a good day.

From many Halloweens ago, when a halo was simply part of a costume.

From many Halloweens ago, when a halo was simply part of a costume.

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24 Responses to Halos

  1. Naomi Alboim says:

    YAY!!!! There will be many, many good days, weeks, months, years ahead!
    Lots of love,
    Naomi and David

  2. Jess says:

    Happy news Naomi! You’re so brave, I’m so proud to call you a friend. Xoxo
    Looking forward to spending some of those good days ahead you speak of with you soon.

  3. You got through, and that is huge. Here’s to many healthy and hospital-free days ahead.

  4. David says:

    Doing a happy dance in front of my students!!! Just picture it…

  5. We are rapidly approaching the beginning of a new year…..one that holds great promise and joy. I truly believe, and I am rarely wrong, just ask my wife, that it will be a great one for you, Mitch, and Nate

  6. Margrit Stenge says:

    I was so happy to see this blog, having read all your previous ones. You are so amazingly brave, and although we have never met, I feel privileged in having “met” you via your wonderful writing. Oh yes, and I happen to be Helen’s mother. Wishing you continued recovery I send you my best wishes from Montreal.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Thinking of you Naomi. XOXO

  8. Pierre says:

    Wonderful news! Rest up gorgeous! Hope to see you soon.

    Love Matt & Pierre

  9. Ellen says:

    Good for you for getting through it! You are so courageous and wonderful!

  10. Eileen Gold says:

    We, too, have never had the pleasure of meeting but we feel that we have gone through this time in your lives with you through your blog. May the future be filled with good health, joy and ease for the entire family. Thank you for your inspiration!

    Eileen and Len Gold
    (Eric’s parents)

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks, Eileen and Len. Even though we haven’t met, I feel we kind of know each other (through Eric and by spending time at the Goldmine, a beautiful and welcoming place). Thank you for following the blog and sending good thoughts.

  11. Bonnie, Darren, Jenna and Audra says:

    Glad the latest shitty stuff is done with and that you are having a good day! I think you look fabulous as a blonde, should definitely reintroduce that look. Keep having good, no great, days! Love ya, Bonnie

  12. Yulia says:

    What a great post! What a great news! What a great day! And what a great couple!I am so happy for your simply good day. sending your a hug

  13. Lillian Tolensky says:

    Let the healing begin!! Now that the procedure and the treatment is done, start anew and rejuvenate. Here’s a wish for wonderful, happy, funfilled days ahead shared with family and friends. Lillian and Bob

  14. John & Susan says:

    So glad to hear that this part is over, and although it was unpleasant it sounds like it went as well as it possibly could. Glad to hear you are feeling better and having a good day. You are so brave – Susan and I are in awe. We are thinking about you, Mitch and Nate and wishing you all well.
    Love, John & Susan.

  15. Duff says:

    Naomi, you are doing really well in keeping such positivity. Happy to hear youre surgery is done and you had a good day.
    Much love and support from Calgary.

    Rest well.

    Duff and Annie

  16. YOU DID IT! That sounds so scary and awful, BUT what’s the takeaway? You are a victorious champ! Someone hand this girl the Olympic torch already! Love you lady.

  17. Everyone pretty well said it all for me, but I wanted to reiterate I loved your picture of you and Mitch and here’s hoping for only fun times ahead. Love Arlene

  18. Donna Jacobs says:

    Much prefer the costume halo!!!:) So glad you made it through! I guess you kicked some Fear butt!!!! “Everything is OK in the end; If it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.”

    Donna Jacobs M.A. Psychologist 3080 Yonge Street Suite 5016 Box 87 Toronto, ON M4N 3N1 Tel: 416-784-3370 Fax: 416-784-1533


  19. Andrea Trozzo says:

    I’m so glad you got through the radiation. You’re so brave and inspirational. I love your picture of you and Mitchell ! Lots of hugs and positive vibes your way Naomi!!!

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