How to Survive Brain Surgery

I am happy to report that I was discharged from the hospital on Friday, 8 days after brain surgery. Every day gets better.

This morning I decided to make scrambled eggs. I showed Nate how to crack an egg and I was almost overwhelmed by the joy of the moment. The look of curiosity and wonder on his face will keep me going for days. (Oh, simple pleasure, thank you for stopping by our house this morning. Please stop by often.)

I am so happy to be home. Nate gave me so many cuddles and giggles on Friday, my bruised body and soul finally felt nourished.

The last many days have been very hard. These were some of the strategies I used to keep my spirits up:

1) Lots of tasty food. This is not the time to deprive yourself, eat all the yummy stuff you want.

These cupcakes were special delivery from my favorite bakery in Montreal.

Reema, thank you for being an amazing baker! And thank you, Tynen and Leila for the delivery!

Reema, thank you for being an amazing baker! And thank you, Tynen and Leila for the delivery!

My mom's homemade chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken)

My mom’s homemade chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken)

2)Cry, laugh, sing. Everything is difficult right now, and you probably feel like you’ve been dealt a really horrible hand. It’s okay to cry it out. When faced with the options of laughing or crying, I try my best to choose laughter, but sometimes it’s not possible. And of course, you need more options than that too. Yesterday, I turned to Mitchell and said, “I feel like singing. What do you think about karaoke?” He said, “Are you sure you’re up for it?” (Mitchell is, understandably, encouraging me to rest as much as possible, and discourages too much activity.)

But, question: How do you decline a request for karaoke nine days after brain surgery?

Me: “I have a song in my heart.” Answer: You don’t. Karaoke it is.

Proof: At karaoke (like boss!)

Proof: At karaoke (like a boss!)

A selected playlist:

1) I will survive. (Gloria Gaynor. Sung by yours truly)

2)Wanted Dead or Alive (bon Jovi. Sung by Naomi and Mitchell)

Last song of the night: My Way (Frank sinatra, sung by the whole karaoke crew. I love my family!)

Sometimes a good sing is as cathartic as a good cry.

3) Surround yourself with good, positive people. This is a general rule for life, not just tough times. I am blessed to know so many amazing, strong people. Thank you, guys!

Friends, please treat yourself to something nice today. I plan to do the same, and it’ll be like we’re sharing a moment of decadence together, raising a glass to life!

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16 Responses to How to Survive Brain Surgery

  1. Steph says:

    I am SO happy you are home. And karaoke! Just a few days ago you could barely walk! You are a superstar. Let me know when you are up for another visit, I have things to give you 🙂

  2. Naomi says:

    A visit from you? Anytime, love. I’m bored! xoxo text me. (and thanks again for your sweet blog post. I am blessed to know you.)

  3. hensleton says:

    Ultimate proof that you are a total rock star! Can’t wait to see and sing with you!! XOXO

  4. Rebecca says:

    Naomi, you are amazing, an inspiration. Laugh, cry, sing, just be well. We love you.
    Rebecca and Teddy

  5. Carol says:

    Favourite food, a good cry and singing loudly–a good day by all measure! Keep rockin’ on young lady!

  6. clherzog says:

    Favourite food, a good laugh and singing loudly are the measure of a very good day. Keep rockin’ on!

  7. So happy you are home and reveling in it to the max. Such joy.
    Taking your advice seriously, Bill and I will be taking Harriet to Dora the Explorer play today. Can’t wait!
    Sending you lots of love, you wonderful woman.

  8. Katie Daly says:

    I started another reply, but my iPhone sent it through prematurely. You are a true inspiration, reading your blog has left me overwhelmed and inspired by your strength and the love that surrounds you. I am so happy to hear that you are getting even stronger. Please say hello to Mitch for me, and I hope to one day meet Nate
    Love from Vancouver,

  9. You inspire me to be more optimistic about life in general and to realize how foolish we are to be unhappy about fooish small things. Don’t sweat the small stuff really makes sense. I followed your suggestion to enjoy the day. Much love Arlene

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Re: Mitchell’s discouragement of “too much activity.” Smile sweetly, and then ignore him 😉

  11. Megan Mallen says:

    Okay, so given I just decadence-d myself OUT in EU for a few decadent weeks (yet gaga-eyed a few dark chocolate items in the last 24 hours with thoughts of sharing with you, and damn, I want some of those cupcakes and your mom’s chicken!), I have to say this is my most decadent moment to share with you, meeting Gabby. She is a stunner. And quite decadent. I am finally a proud auntie, and I think that she is definitely the something decadent you would love to share:

    • Naomi says:

      This is awesome, Megs! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news and beautiful photos. Decadent and meaningful, indeed! So many congrats to you, your sis and her husband, a beautiful family!
      Big hugs and smiles all around! xoxo

  12. Shawna says:

    Naomi – you are one amazing woman! I was so sorry to read about the surgery, but I am not suprised at how gracefully you are handling things. You really are inspiring. Take good care.

  13. anna macias says:

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