Fifty Shades of Red

Me and my umbrella.

Me and my umbrella.

So, friends, I knew radiation seemed to be going along too smoothly. What seemed like a mild sunburn before has progressed to an itchy, uncomfortable, hot stretch of skin. It’s yuck. Plus, it is boiling outside, and I still have to keep covered up, which makes things more uncomfortable. I have to do saline soaks two times a day and slather on a goopy cream given to me by the doctors to protect the skin. Today I ventured out with an umbrella to make sure the sun didn’t touch the sensitive skin around my neck and chest.

The skin is all sorts of red: parts are a deep shade of magenta, others are a darker, leathery brown, and then others are a faint pink. The area around the scar looks a little intense. And, as usual, I am tired.

After my session today, I have three left. Thank goodness. I AM VERY READY TO BE DONE. (YES, I AM YELLING.)

In less exciting news, I am wearing red lipstick to match my skin.

Yes, friends, two shameless selfies in this blog post.

Yes, friends, two shameless selfies in this blog post.

Because it’s hard for me to be outside right now, my training regiment for the walk to end women’s cancers has shrunk considerably. My doctors have warned me that my skin may get worse for a few weeks before it gets better. So, it looks like August is going to be my month for training. August,  I am so ready for you.

Bonus photos:

Nate looking for bunny.

Nate looking for bunny.

Nate finding bunny.

Nate finding bunny.

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16 Responses to Fifty Shades of Red

  1. hensleton says:

    You are almost done! I’m so proud of you! You look amazing as always and Naters is super-cute!

  2. Meriah says:

    Your son is such a sweet little muffin. You make that umbrella look good!

  3. LiseyBendy says:

    I love selfies! The red is hot! The lipstick I mean. Great you are getting to the business end. Lisey x

  4. Steph says:

    I love Nate! I hear you on the itchy skin. So annoying. I scratch sometimes… shh don’t tell anyone. I’ve been using 100% emu oil on the burn since finishing rads, and I like it. So many people swear by it for radiation burns so figured I’d try it.
    You are so good with your umbrella, I should really be covering up better. ALMOST DONE!!!

  5. Andra says:

    Gorgeous in red – both of you!

  6. Sarah says:

    Love the selfies and the bunny shots! XO

  7. Eileengold says:

    Naomi, We are pulling for you and your family. May this challenging part of your lives come to an end quickly and as easy as possible. You will have much to look forward to in 2014.

    Eileen and Len Gold Eric Rosenberg’s parents

  8. duff says:

    Well Naomi, you are still a fashionista and the umbrella completes the look! Hope the itchy redness goes away asap and you are back to your training in August.
    Super stoked to see you on the 4th!


  9. t'ai rising-moore says:

    nate loosing + finding bunny is adorable + you being you is beautiful. i’m extra missing you this morning sissers. love you!

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