Some Awesome Things

Some awesome things in no particular order:

1) No chemo this week!! I still have lots of doctor appointments to juggle (4 this past week), but so happy to have no more chemo! The bruises on my arms from the injection sites are fading and I am happy to report that I look less and less like an intravenous drug user.

2) The CT scan confirmed that the tumours in the neck area are no longer detectable!! Amazing.

3) Nate rolling around in a beautiful blanket sent by some very thoughtful colleagues.

Nate loving life.

Nate loving life.

4) My cold is basically gone.

5) A special treat of brunch at the Four Seasons with two amazing girlfriends, courtesy of the Robins – thank you! It had been so long since I’d be out for a meal, especially somewhere so fancy, that I felt like a complete tourist, and found myself exclaiming – “this is so beautiful!” over and over.

6) A hat sale at the wig store in the hospital!

Retail therapy: my new hat.

Retail therapy: my new hat.

7) You guys! Thanks everyone, for being so awesome, for sending support through email, phone, mail; for traveling here by plane and car; sending treats of food, flowers, and drink. You have provided some much needed comfort!

8) Mitchell.

Some not-so-awesome things:

1) A few side effects are lingering. For example, my feet still get crazy itchy if I try to walk for too long, or walk too quickly. And my nails are turning brown and look a bit warped. My energy levels are improving but I still feel tired easily.

2) I walked into a bra shop because there was a sign that said, “Now specializing in mastectomy fittings.” But the moment I started asking about it, I started crying. The two salesladies were very sweet. They handed me a business card and Β then I promised to come back when I was ready. I am definitely a bit weepy these days. I suppose I had been focusing so much on all the physical aspects of chemo that I’m only now really processing how much my life has changed, and how much it will change still.

But all in all, the awesome things far outweigh the not-so-awesome things! And that in itself is awesome.

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22 Responses to Some Awesome Things

  1. Valerie says:

    Such wonderful things going on for you! Have a beautiful weekend. πŸ™‚ P.S. The hat looks gorgeous on you!

  2. lizm says:

    I think being a bit weepy is more than acceptable and I’m a huge advocate of crying in public πŸ™‚ I used to do it on the subway all the time. I’m glad the ladies were sweet.

    And, you look *fabulous* in your hat. Yay for awesome things!!

    Sending you all the virtual hugs,

  3. lyndsay says:

    BIG ((hugs)) sweets. You are looking positively radiant. Hooray for good news. Hooray for wonderful family and friends (and sweet ladies in bra-fitting shops). I am thinking of you, as always and sending you lots of love and light. XOXO L

  4. hensleton says:

    Another thing that is totally awesome: YOU! Thank you for being so open and sharing this with us. Talk to you soon! Much love, K

  5. Maylene Lum says:

    Thanks for your updates Naomi. I always look forward to reading your good news and how you find joy in the simplest things (love the hat, the smile and YOU!). Hope you had a restful weekend. Hugs and kisses

  6. Steph says:

    I remember going into one of those shops before my surgery and feeling so sad too. I probably cried actually. Yay about your CT scan! And your hat! I definitely missed that sale.

    • Naomi says:

      Yeah, it’s a tough one. But like most things, I’ll just have to deal with it when I’m ready.
      I got two hats at the sale. Funny how much a little retail therapy can help!

  7. jb says:

    You are definitely a hat girl. And a stripes girl. And an awesome girl! This is a lot of good news. I am also a big advocate of crying, in public, in private, whenever and wherever necessary. Sometimes it’s the only way to move forward. Certain moments just need to be marked and hurdled that way. You are doing a great job sweet Naomi!! And I love that blanket and the little ball of fun rolling around in it!

  8. t'ai says:

    you are awesome + i still can not figure out how to get simple email updates on this blog. ok, this time will be different! love you! love to the boys too!

  9. Sarah L. says:

    Adorable pictures Naomi! Wish we could be there to go shopping with you. And Mitchell IS awesome.

    Sarah and Katy

  10. leila says:

    i also seem to have failed on the figuring out how to get email updates, but you’re the best and i love you! xoxoxo

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