The week ahead

On our walk.

On our walk, Nate crashing some wedding photos.

Because my chemo is on a two week cycle, the first weekend after chemo is tough, but the second weekend is much better. And this weekend has actually been great. My energy levels have been close to normal so I was able to visit with friends (thanks for coming over!), go for a walk, and eat yummy food. I even made muffins (which never happens, even when I’m well.) And because I have a stamp set that doesn’t get used enough, I stamped a little sign to mark the occasion. I was originally going stamp, “Cancer can bite me,” but decided instead on “Happy weekend muffins.”

The muffins!

Banana chocolate chip, thank you very much.

I’m glad I got to enjoy the weekend because the week ahead is going to be busy. Here’s the rundown:

Monday afternoon: the arrival of parents to lend support for the coming week. (yay!)
Monday evening: an MRI scan in preparation for surgery in May.

Tuesday: a pre-chemo checkup with the oncologist and a round of blood tests.

Wednesday: chemo day. Usually on chemo days, I’m at the hospital for several hours. Within the first hour, they give me a massive dose of Benadryl (straight into the bloodstream!), which knocks me out, often for the rest of the day.

Thursday: On the day after chemo, a nurse comes to my house to give me a shot. It’s a drug that is meant to boost my immune system. One of the side effects is muscle and bone pain. Booooo! Still, I often feel pretty good on Thursdays. Sometimes I make it out for a stroll or have lunch and do a little work. (More parental support arrives. Double yay!)

Friday: Friday is often my worst day.  I hit an all-time low in terms of energy levels and my emotions suddenly swing all over the map.  On the Friday after chemo, I kind of feel like falling down on the floor and staying there.

Saturday and Sunday: These are generally low energy, moody days too. But sometimes they aren’t too bad.

And by Monday I start to feel more like myself. Still tired, but better. My skin looks less pale. I have the energy to get dressed and maybe put on some makeup. These days, my make-up regiment involves some eyebrow shading because unfortunately, it appears that I celebrated the persistence of my eyebrows a little prematurely. They are still hanging in there for now, but definitely thinning. And my eyelashes appear to be making a break for it as well.

The last few months of chemo have been tough. I’m so glad that it’s almost done. (This is an understatement.) Hopefully, the coming week goes smoothly. Fingers crossed.

Because every boy needs a circus tent. (Thanks to May, Yves and Noa!)

Because every boy needs a circus tent. (Thanks to May, Yves and Noa!)

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14 Responses to The week ahead

  1. hensleton says:


  2. Susan Angel says:

    Parental support on the way!

  3. t'ai rising-moore says:

    natters is so cute, bunny all day, all of the time! also you are the coolest 🙂 i miss + love you so much.

  4. t'ai rising-moore says:

    weekends + muffins + stamps 👍

  5. Chocho T says:

    May all your worst & moody days start turning to happy and cheerful days. Be strong, brave lady. You are almost done..Go Naomi!!!!!

  6. jb says:

    So so so so so so sooooooo proud of all of you for being so amazing! You are such an inspiration, and your family shines such a beautiful light in the world. Love to all of you.

    PS – is it just me or are your stamping skills developing in pretty extraordinary ways? I better get out my stamp kit and keep up on my game!!!

  7. n.a. says:

    Haha. It’s because I’ve been practicing! Love to you too. xo

  8. hensleton says:


  9. hensleton says:

    Thinking of you all this week, but especially today. Your strength and determination provide constant inspiration to me!

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