Things I Am Looking Forward To

Because we’re nearing the end of chemo, I’ve let my mind turn to all the things I am looking forward to once it’s done.  (I have a feeling this will be a recurring theme in future posts.) Here are a few:

1) The little things:

There are so many little things that I’m looking forward to doing once chemo is done. Because my immune system has been compromised, my doctors have cautioned against a whole slew of things that I usually do. For example, I was warned against taking public transit (germs), going anywhere too crowded (germs), having mani/pedis (germs and chemicals), and drinking alcohol or caffeine (for reasons I forget). So, the month between chemo and surgery is going to be a month of taking transit, mingling in crowds, mani/pedis, and drinking.

2) Having hair again:

So, the hair thing has actually not been that big of a deal. Yes, it sucks to not have hair, and as the most visible marker of cancer, it is a tough one psychologically. But there have been much worse things to focus on: chemo is truly the hardest, most horrible thing I have ever had to endure, and surgery I’m sure will be a close second. At home, I mostly wear a hat (because my head gets really cold without hair), but when I go out I often wear my wig. Unfortunately, it is sometimes itchy and often hot. I’m excited for when I have enough hair to stop with the wig.

When my hair started to fall out, we just decided to shave it off. This is a pic we took mid-shave.

When my hair started to fall out in January, we just decided to shave it off. This is a pic we took mid-shave.

3) Halloween.

Okay, so I know that this is really far away, and pretty random, but I’ve realized recently how much I love Halloween. And, I’ve decided that I am totally not going to leave Halloween costumes till the last minute this year. Last year, Nate got two costumes: a pumpkin and a unicorn. (See adorable photos below.) And guess how many I got. None! I just didn’t get my act together to make it happen. This year, I vow to shop early and get myself at least one awesome, happy-making costume. (Mitchell, I will get you one too.) I think my wig would work well with Snow White. And I kind of can’t believe I haven’t been Snow White ever in my life.

Nate as a pumpkin.

Nate as a pumpkin.

Nate as a unicorn. (Inspired by Stevie and Leila.)

Nate as a unicorn. (Inspired by Stevie and Leila.)

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16 Responses to Things I Am Looking Forward To

  1. Sarah says:

    Nate is so cute. I can’t believe we haven’t met him yet. (I have a girlfriend for him by the way.)

  2. n.a. says:

    Haha. Love it. It’ll be fun to have a play date at some point!

  3. juxtapositioning says:

    Thanks for this blog, Naomi. Yes, little things mean a lot! Isn’t it great? I guess Nate brings the fun and excitement of Halloween all back. See you in a few days!
    Love and hugs,

  4. t'ai says:

    i’m so glad you’re doing this blog. it helps me feel more connected. i love the nateso costume pics + you always look pretty it doesnt matter if there’s lots, a little, or no hair at all. amy poehler would approve! i miss + love you angel face sisserson. xxxo.

  5. naomi alboim says:

    beautiful Mama, beautiful Mitch, beautiful Nate!
    lots of love to you three.
    the other Naomi

  6. hensleton says:

    Love the shaving pic! Hearts to Mitchell! (PS- Nice eyebrows!)

  7. jb says:

    I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I can’t believe you haven’t been Snow White either. What were you before, Cinderella? I know there was a Disney character in there at some point. I have a plan for a group costume for our little fam – no hints. You have to wait to see it.

    Also to add to your list of things to look forward to – a visit from us!!!

    Much love to all of you,

    • n.a. says:

      It was the evil queen from Snow White! I love that we are both already thinking about Halloween. And yes, a visit from you and the fam is definitely something to look forward to! xoxo

  8. Sarah says:

    Wish I could be there to take public transit/mingle in crowds/get mani/pedis/and drink with you. After you finish chemo, Katy and I will do all of the above in Portland out of solidarity. Love the pics….please keep sharing! Lots of love to you, Mitch, and Nate.

    Sarah and Katy

  9. yulia says:

    Such a beautiful picture of a beautiful couple, you have all the resources to get through 😉 And Nate is beyond adorable! and even though i know one more adorable little man, he still is the most adorable little man-unicorn-pumpkin-book worm outside my apartment 😉 hope to see him soon. Leo and i are leaving next weekend until midsummer but we will look forward to a play date when we are around.
    By the way your wig is pretty but your ‘mohawk’ on this photo is not bad either.

  10. Virginia says:

    I am reading your blog totally out of order so just made it to this post now and have to say that nate makes quite the adorable little unicorn. if you ever want a shark or hamburger costume you know who to call – we are really into dress up over here these days 😉 xoxo

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